Sadhana meditation center opens the door to healing

Portland Press Herald
By: Harry Sky
April, 2010

April 24, 2010

April 10 was a seminal day in the Portland area. Many gathered together at the Sadhana opening ceremony. We came from many traditions and many approaches to life. All of us said the same thing — you and I are one.

The soul that the divine creator gave us has its brothers and sisters among us. Each one of us is attempting to relate to the soul so that we may know what is needed in order to bring peace and harmony to whomever lives on this Earth.

We are also dedicated to the idea that “might does not make right,” to the belief that every beating heart seeks to relate itself to the beat of our hearts. We don’t believe in the separateness that national groups preach to us nor believe in separateness that many seek when they speak of their God. God is not separate, God is one; we are responsible for separateness, not God.

Sadhana’s purpose is to serve people in helping them find real and permanent happiness through spiritual practices of meditation and chanting.

I appreciate Sadhana’s serenity. As you walk into Sadhana, a sense of quietness envelops you. As you walk in, and you sense it, you realize that it can’t be anything but quiet. There is no turbulence. No one is shouting at you. No one is saying that this is right and this is wrong. It speaks with and to you from the vantage point of harmony.

All of us are part of the same planet that began years and years ago. It is without beginning and it will never end. It is eternal. We want to find out our places in this eternal spring.

At Sadhana’s opening ceremony, we met people from all walks of life. Accomplished people, people who are trying to find themselves in life, people with hope — all saying there must be some place where all of this can be resolved. There is no need for tears, no need for shouting, no need for lambasting one another and no need for overwhelming arms.

We need large beds of flowers. People knowing that this is a place where one can come and resolve turmoil and leave with a taste of peace. Your body and soul will transfer it to others. It is contagious.

Abbess Khenmo Drolma said an event of all faiths was unthinkable 30 years ago. She said, “This moment at Sadhana is extraordinary.”

I have been waiting and hoping for a place like Sadhana throughout my life. I always thought my mission was to try and find a level path for everyone. No one should worry about the hindrances that may be there because of that person’s race, color, skin, religion and wealth or lack of it. It is God’s world. Make use of it.

There will always be obstacles in the way. We have to keep on trying one program after another, re-proclaiming every approach.

I have been in Maine for 50 years, and now I am 86. From the very first day that I came to Portland, I have been trying to unite different faiths and bring everybody together. I now realize that Sadhana will help realize my dream.

Group meditation and chanting is important because the more I practice, the stronger I have become. Whenever we enter into this meditation room, we feel safe. It is a healing chant, it is not a threatening chant, it is an abiding chant. We feel healed, and our sense of healing will affect the one who is sitting next to us.

The center is very simple; no idols and no pictures. Sadhana’s Web site is at