Donors & Volunteers


We thank the following people who have contributed financial waivers and discounts for this project.

Dirk Thomas and Richard Berman of Castlebrook

Jan Born, The Cool Plant Lady

David Grant

Bill Vickerson, Attorney

Janet O’Toole, CPA

Mike Monahan of Sign Works

Dale Cunningham, Carpenter

Tiffany White of Tiffany White Photography

Lotus International Company

Tim Byrne, Photographer

Brian Peterson, Photographer

European Bakery

Katie’s Baker

Whipple Callender, Architects

Hannaford Brothers

Sheila Shanti of Village Handweavers

Colleen Myers of Healthy Body, Fit Mind

An Anonymous person for donating cushions and rug

Capozza Tile and Floor Covering Center

Hancock Lumber

Mr. BAGLE – Forest Ave – Portland

Pom’s Thai Restaurant – Western Ave – South Portland

Portland House of Pizza – Washington Ave, Portland


Panera Bread – South Portland

Than Than 2, Forest Ave – Portland

Cakes Extraordinaire – Pine Tree Shopping Center, Portland

Jewel of India – Western Ave, South Portland

Optimal Performance – Scarborough

Subway – Western Ave, South Portland

Corey Electrical

Pine State Trading

Dunbar Water Pumps and Filters


If you would like to volunteer please email with your interests and availability.

Many thanks to those who have contributed their time and skills to Sadhana:

iCST staffers Andrea Lemire, Veena Vasappa , Lincoln Page and Pallavi Abhang

Larry Pallozzi and Evan Thomas

Deb Grant

Susannah Sanfilippo

Francesco Sanfillippo

Rachel Guthrie

Christine MacLin of Maclin Design

Denali and Vishva Nalamalapu

Daniel Plourd

Dharmi Cunningham

Doug Swift

Kathleen Kerr

Sita Dennison

Colleen Myers and Paul Ledman

Robyn Wiley

Don and Lisa Kittredge

Rosalie Deer Heart

Peg Brown

Sandra Maguire

Mindy Novick

Lisa Blake

Laurra Sheldon

Khaney and Dovid Muyderman

Janice Adler

Leslie Cottrell

Dori Diebold

Judy Spross

Martha Williams

Chris Moore

Terry Fralich

Danika Kuhl

Arline Saturdayborn

Lisa Valentine

Sheri Bonnell

Carol Plummer

Jessica Johnson

Kathy Moore

Judy Bullard

Merissa Caminity

Mo Bankey